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The Bumblebee Alchemist

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Jul. 11th, 2006 | 09:25 pm
mood: geeky geeky
music: FMA Soundtrack: Rewrite

I'm now on MySpace.com. Check me out!

Today was perfectly SUCK at work. HAHA! Big friggin' surprise! Some gnarly old black woman came in and tried to accuse me of "erasing" the pictures off her negatives. She called me stupid and dishonest and told my manager that this wasn't the first time I had done this, either, because I did the same thing to her son's pictures. Two words for ya, honey: CHEAP ASS CAMERA. That's what you get. There's a perfectly logical explanation for what happened to her photos. She bought a cheap-o disposable camera and they are never light-tight so some of her negatives were exposed. Contrary to what she believes, there is no way to selectively erase images off of a negative. As soon as she called me dishonest Karl told her that the discussion was over and she could leave the store. Somehow I am sure I am now a racist, in her opinion, and that she will share that opinion with the rest of her aunties and cuzzins in town. The kicker is that she said these were pictures she took of some local cops "doing stuff they shouldn't have been doing." Mmmhmmm....

Courtney is feeling better! YAY! She is still weak looking but she is feeling stronger. This is a prayer answered. She really had me worried. We had her saline start yesterday so she is officially using her insulin pump, just not with insulin in it, yet. That starts next Monday. I desperately need to make eye and dentist appointments for the kids but I am so completely beat when I get home from work that I don't have it in me to get on the phone. Especially on days like today.

We have a weekend sans kids coming up and this will be the first in a month since Courtney stayed with us on the last Toby weekend. I am actually looking forward to it. Mainly because I know that the kids get so incredibly bored here at home all the time and because I wanty some quiet time with my man. I love that man. He rocks. We have been together over a year-and-a-half and I am more in love with him every minute that passes. As sucky as my life has become since Daniel lost his job at Cingular, I must say that it is all worth it, every second, to go to sleep beside the most fantastic person I have ever known and to wake up to his precious face. I'd do it all a thousand times again to be with Daniel. I love him.

Daniel did get called from DataFax about doing some testing. He is hoping to be able to get it all done tomorrow. I am going to call them and find out the status of my application. I am sure I know the answer but I will follow-up just to be able to put all that behind me. Hopefully Daniel will get hired over there so that maybe I won't have to work as much. If he gets $14.50 an hour then I want to go back to Bama Fever. I'd work just for spending money if Daniel made that much! I am definitely not getting my hopes up about any of this because I know where that gets you. We have a lot of people praying for things to work out for us and I know that they will. I am not worried.

Well, time to go to MySpace. I love it! It is so cool but no one has posted anything so I am a little bummed about that. I need some traffic through there! I've been thinking about some of my old friends lately. Wondering if they are doing okay. Bobb, Josh....where y'all been???


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