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Things Will Never Be The Same....Still, I'm Awfully Glad I Came

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Feb. 7th, 2006 | 08:01 pm
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I worked today. Yawn. I swear I can't wait to start at CVS just to have something to do. I mean, Bama Fever served its purpose and all but crap...man, it sucks. I loathe Bama and everything that loves it. Well, not true. Cary loves him some Bama and I don't exactly hate him but most people who love Bama are loathesome. After a lame-o five hours at the Galleria I went by and saw Daniel at work. I don't know if it is still the newlywedded bliss or what but my heart jumps when I see him. Still. After all this time he can bring a smile to my face even when I am feeling wired. After I talked to my beloved for a piece I went grocery shopping. New paragraph.

It still astounds me that the people in Calera, Alabama are so completely stupid. A town, gripped by the melodrama of each others' meaningless lives. It is so ridiculous the way this town, and I am sure many other rural Bible-belt towns, perpetuates the stereotype portrayed in Hollywood. People not from the South think that Southerners are backwoods, self-righteous, "God-fearing" folk. They view the South as hot and humid in the summers. A place where neighbors look in on and out for each other. Where housewives hang clothes on the line while gossipping with their neighbors about what (or who) the other women in town are doing. It's an endearing image, really. The truth is that this town of Calera is a rotten apple. On the surface it appears as this quaint little town that time forgot. When I moved to Calera it was still real small. I would get stares as I walked into Wal-Mart because people knew you weren't from around "these parts." The longer I was a part of the community, the more people began moving out of the city and into this rural area to escape the cost and hassle of Hoover, Pelham and even Birmingham. Soon enough, most everyone in your midst was a stranger. I would frequently hear from other women in my church how they hated the growth of Calera and how they remembered when Calera was a small town. I wasn't considered an outsider for some reason. I never could figure that out. I hadn't lived there very long but for some reason I was embraced by the "hens" in the town/church. No doubt about it, Calera, Alabama used to revolve around "The Baptist Church." I was so content to stay nestled amongst the bigotry, hatred and intolerance (man, I hate that word but it fits here).

Suffice it to say, I am no longer a valued part of Calera, Alabama. I simply sinned too much for these folks. I was a filthy adultress and it seems that they are all so sinless that my leperous face was just too much for their spotless garments. @@ I always love to go to the Calera Wal-Mart. I used to go out of my way to avoid it but now, ah now, I LOVE going there. I hope secretly each time I go that I will run into people who I once called friends and who I once thought gave a rat's ass about me. The more of these people I see and then watch as they drop their heads and walk as far away from me as they can, the better. I love making them feel uncomfortable merely by my presence! Now, I realize this is not a very Christian-like attitude to have but at this point, THEY are the ones with the problem. Not me. I guess, in some way, I hope that by me holding my head up while they duck theirs for whatever reason, that they, too, will realize just how ridiculous they are.

Small, southern towns are suffocating. While I don't advocate it, I understand why there are those who lash out in violent ways toward outspoken Christians and church buildings. People have brought so much hatred into this world in the name of Christianity.

You never know where you're going to be in a year.

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