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Feb. 4th, 2006 | 09:23 am
mood: weird weird

That's what there is in my house right now. Complete and utter silence. It's nice. I can't believe I haven't blogged in so long. Crap. Well, the house we are moving into is less than great. I am quite distraught over it, in fact. I love the house I am in right now. It is a mobile home but when you walk in it you can't tell. There are sheetrock walls and the doors and windows are all housey looking. I don't think that's a word but the point is that this house doesn't look trailer-ish like the one we are moving into. There is blue carpet in the forthcoming home. Blue? WTF? Who has blue carpet??? It's that ugly, patterned looking crap, too. It seriously looks like someone committed a mass murder in some areas of the home. There are big, red stains. Probably Kool-Aid but you never know. We went and did a walk-through the other day and the people who owned the house prior to now had left everything they owned in it. It looked as if they maybe took a change of clothes and a toothbrush and left everything else. We went through and got some stuff that we wanted. Otherwise it was all headed to the dump the next morning. I got a Baby Born that apparently belonged the the girl child that lived there. Ezra found a Jessica Alba/Sin City poster that he is completely enamored with. His remarks were priceless. "Why would anyone leave this beauty behind?" Gotta love a nearly-eight-year-old boy's thought process. Daniel found an N64 and an old school Play Station. That rocks. The PS will go on eBay and we will keep the N64. We are going to have to make this house work for us. It is a crappy house, it is small, it is in disgusting condition, but we are out of this house in a few days and we have no choice.

On a happier note, I put in my notice at Bama Fever yesterday! Why? You ask. Well, because I got a new job at CVS Pharmacy! Yay on me! I start a week from Monday. The store is about ten minutes from the house so no more $250 a month for gas. I was driving about 65-70 miles a day to Hoover for work and it was wearing on me. Now, the furthest we have to go for jobs is the fifteen or so miles Daniel drives to Book-A-Million. My pay will be $1.50 more an hour than I am getting at Bama Fever and I will run the front end as well as the photo lab. How cool. I get to learn photo lab equipment and digital photo equipment. That friggin' rocks! The best part of it all is that my schedule will run 30-35 hours a week with weekends off. My hours will be 8-2, sometimes 8-4. I am so thankful for this. I needed this so much. Apparently, God thought so, too.

So, overall, everything isn't rotten. The house situation is less than wonderful but we just work with what we have and go from there. Courtney has a pageant today and Ezra has baseball evaluations so I am going to go get ready for all of that.

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