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Equivalent Exchange

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Jul. 9th, 2006 | 11:46 am
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Too bad there isn't something I can swap that will make LJ not SUCK! Part of the reason I never update anymore is because the site is either down or acting like it's possessed!

I applied and interviewed for a job at a place called Data Fax. This job would have been longer hours but would have given me better pay and good insurance. I didn't get the job. I guess I am not qualified. It's a Christian company but seriously, based on most of the other women that work in that office, I think I just didn't have big enough boobs and long enough bleached hair. :-/

So, that's that. I am still at the ultimate suck job: CVS. I've been there five months and it feels like I have shaved at least eight years off my life, already. It is the suckiest place on the planet. I didn't even shop there before I worked there if that tells you anything. I'll keep looking for another job but chances are it will be retail and I will hate that, too. Why are people so incredibly freakin' stupid? If you don't believe this to be fact then you haven't worked retail long enough.

Today is a day of catch-up. Courtney was in the hospital last week. It seems her Diabetes got the best of her. She had what is known as DKA (Diabetic Ketoacidosis). It is a deadly condition which must be treated immediately. She went to the hospital Friday and was discharged. We were told she was okay but then by Monday she was sick again and by Tuesday back in the ER. They admitted her on Tuesday and she stayed until Wed. night. I was pretty worried but I was much more relaxed once they were actually treating her in the hospital. She was in CCU, which had so many restrictions that me, Daniel and Toby couldn't be in the room with her at the same time. That was pleasant.

Toby and I got into a screaming match when I asked him to take Courtney to the ER Tuesday. He tried to turn it into a matter of me trying to get him out of work. He threw the whole child support increase in my face and said that I was taking half of his hours for the week. Boo friggin' hoo. I just have no sympathy for the man when he lives the type of lifestyle that he does. His children's well-being comes first, not his fancy apartment or his high-priced truck payment. He doesn't see it the same way I do, apparently. I am sure he believes that I am trying to pad my "lavish lifestyle." Me and my 1993 air conditioner-less mini-van and my dumpy double-wide. Yeah, I am living high on the hog with his $700 a month .

Anyway, Courtney is doing better and she will go in tomorrow to start saline running in her insulin pump. She is glad that the time is almost here when she will be fully dependent on the pump and she doesn't have to take shots anymore. That is a happy day, I know from experience.

I am already thinking about Halloween. Silly, I know. I am going to start building my Edward Elric costume, soon. The biggest hurdle will be the cloak. I don't really want to buy a pre-made one because so much of the time the cosplay stuff is cheap looking. I can't afford to have one made, though, so this is quite a dilemma. I think the auto-mail arm will probably be a bit tricky, too. I may not go for the auto-mail leg right away since pants and boots will cover it, anyway. Maybe I can get Daniel a suit of armour and he can be Alphonse. Too cool. Yes, this Halloween I will be the biggest thirty-five year-old geek on the planet. I don't care, though. The costume will rock.

I joined a dvd club and got the first seven FMA disks. Awesome. I am through the first four so far and they are just so cool. I am totally addicted. How cool would it be if a person could really do alchemy? Talk about fun! I had to get into FMA. Wrestling has become so predictable and lame right now. Maybe things will pick up but for now I am going to stick with this.

Okay, time to go do a little work on myspace. I hate that whole site but I want to create a neat FMA deal.

Y'all be good!

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